‘Freddie you are the definition of bravery…’

Ok, so if you saw my last post you would have read about our military style swimming lessons, where Freddie was literally thrown in at the deep end and tears came from kids and parents, well…

Today Freddie woke up and the first thing he said was ‘Mummy I don’t want to go swimming’ I said ’Freddie you only have three lessons left and if you can face it we can do something special at the weekend’

He thought a bit and replied with a very sad face ‘but when I was crying yesterday I wanted a cuddle, can you give me a cuddle today?’

I wanted to cry there and then and tell him he didn’t have to go but I didn’t ‘I will give you the biggest cuddle ever when you have finished your lesson, If I cuddle you in between everyone will want one and no one will swim’ and we had a cuddle there and then.

He accepted that and we got on with our morning.

When we arrived at the Swimming Centre he surprisingly said ‘can we run mummy?’ I said ‘of course!’ So we ran from the car park all the way to the changing room. Looking good so far I thought.

Inside, by the side of the pool waiting for the previous class to finish, his friends were chatting and playing but Freddie stayed put by my side.

Would Freddie go in?

Register taken and to the side of the pool they went….

Tom (instructor) said ‘this is what you are going to do today’ and promptly did a handstand in the water.

Well I wish I had a camera – the parent’s faces – well mine and Steph’s, let alone the kids! Noooo we thought, no way, no way.

After a few seconds Tom said ‘only kidding, I wouldn’t make you do that would I?’ Well after yesterday we thought he was going to!

So on with the lesson, and the children were literally awesome, they tried their hardest and some swam. So what about Freddie…?

All I can say is: I am the proudest I have been of my four year old chap so far. He tackled the full half hour with gumption, he tried so hard, popped his head under water, held back the tears, floated on his back and the highlight of the half an hour was when he swam a few strokes on his back without any aids.

About five minutes from the end a mum came up to me she said ‘I can’t believe how your little boy has been today, I was watching him yesterday across the pool and he looked so scared and fragile, he has been awesome today, what a transformation!’ so true!

Tom told Freddie at the end ‘Freddie you are the definition of bravery, you really faced your fears today, well done you should feel proud’ and I think he does.

So we have a couple of lessons left and if he doesn’t progress any further I will still be a very happy Mummy…

FYI Freddie is taking five days crash course swimming lessons at Haileybury Sports Centre in Hertford.