Moccis – Hand sewn Swedish Moccasins

I was looking for something for my daughter to wear on her feet as the air turns a bit chilly. All of the slippers out there seem to be too warm and then I saw Moccis – they’re basically a sock with a soft leather sole hand stitched onto it. They’re soft, durable, slip free, washable and have an invisible support strap that stops kids from kicking them off.

My daughter (2 years) has had hers for over 2 weeks now and they’re perfect to put on in the morning when she gets up, before we’ve had a chance to change and get dressed for the day.

If you’re into ethical products, this one is for you – Moccis are hand made in Sweden and their workers are paid fairly. The designs are limited and uniquely chosen by a Swedish mom / artist. Wearing Moccis are very close to being barefoot (which is recommended for muscle development) so are approved by podiatrists too.

Did I mention that they do adult sizes too? If you like twinning with your little one or just love the idea of these ‘slipper socks’ you can get them for yourself too.


Children sizes start at £25 and adults from £37. They are on the higher end price wise but they are excellent quality and wash well meaning they should last. Have a look at their range here.

We have the ‘wolfie’ moccis but here are a few of my other favourite designs: