Sleepyhead review – Not just a bed but a multifunctional pod for babies and toddlers

Described as the ultimate pod for your little one, the Sleepyhead provides a safe space for your baby to sleep, rest, play and more. Designed in Sweden using breathable, washable and hypoallergenic materials, the Sleepyhead is lightweight and portable meaning easy travels whether its room to room, or on holiday.

It’s not just a bed, it can be used for tummy time and generally lounging around. Designed for home use and travel it is lightweight and portable – for using in baby’s crib, bed sharing, cot or even when toddler is moving to a bed for an extra snuggle…

We were lucky enough to be given a Sleepyhead to review – Thank you Sleepyhead!

Baby Leo has been in his pod for 3 months now so we asked Mum and Dad, Fay and Alex, how they (and Leo) have found the Sleepyhead.

Being brand new parents, with a product like this our number one concern was always going to be the safety of our baby. After reading numerous reviews online we couldn’t find a negative comment which immediately put us at ease. As soon as we got the real life version you could tell straight away just from feeling the Sleepyhead that it is a quality product. Having seen similar, cheaper products during our research, a big worry was the quality of the cloth used – but there were no concerns with the Sleepyhead’s breathable material.

It can take quite a while to get Leo off to sleep at the best of times and we weren’t sure if he would take to the sleepyhead at all – but to our surprise he settled straight away! Before, we would tend to hold him until he starts to drift off to sleep and then place him in his cot – quite often this wouldn’t go to plan and we’d have to repeat the whole process two even three times – but Leo settled at the first time of asking using the sleepyhead.

Although the design is very simple we were amazed how comfortable our baby looked. It was a snug fit for Leo with the raised outer edge of the sleepyhead essentially ‘holding’ him as he slept. He certainly looked secure and happy. We tucked a blanket underneath one edge of the sleepyhead and after placing Leo in we would simply wrap and tuck the blanket over the other side, the whole process takes seconds, no stress involved.

It’s a very lightweight product so no matter where in the house Leo is, it’s no hassle to take it to him. We also took it on a recent holiday with us and really liked how easy it was to transport – takes up little room, meaning we were reassured hat Leo would have a safe place to sleep on our trip.

The Sleepyhead is a well made, high quality product – simple in design and the stitching looks faultless. Its also a quick and easy process to remove the cover for washing. the foot of the Sleepyhead can be opened or closed depending on the size of your baby/toddler and what you are using it for.

Leo had the Sleepyhead deluxe and baby Georgia lucked out with the Sleepyhead Grande so she has a couple more years of use yet! Yay!!

The Sleepyhead retails between £120 and £200 and so isn’t doesn’t seem cheap but it gets amazing reviews. John Lewis stock it along with the Sleepyhead mobile toy arch (arch is exclusive to JL)

• Versatility
• Lightweight
• Comfort
• Cover is machine washable
• Feels like a quality product, no sign of wear or tear at all after many uses.

• Price could be lower

Functionality / usability – 10
Aesthetics and design – 8
Value for money – 8
Quality – 10
Innovativeness – 9

Designed and developed in Sweden by mother of 2 Lisa Furuland, who after searching for an alternative to the blanket, cot and baby loungers looked to come up with a more snug and versatile option to those already in the market. The Sleepyhead range consists of the Deluxe (0-8 months) and the Grand (9-36 months) both available either online or through a number of worldwide retailers

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