Hiring a car abroad this year for your family holiday? After 8th June you might need a special code…

Drivers are being warned that if they want to hire a car after 8th June abroad they may need to have a special code.

From 8th June the paper counterpart of the British driving license will be abolished. Convictions for offences like speeding that are usually shown on the paper part of the license will now be computerised. People wanting to hire a car abroad may now need to show a special code to the hire company so that they can see any convictions.

The code that will be issued will only be active for 72 hours and so needs to be used within that time frame. Fine for most family holidays but if you are hiring a car in more than one place you might need to reapply between cars.

You will be able to get the code by logging onto the DVLA website, if you do not have access to the internet a telephone number will be in place from 8th June.

There is a little confusion on whether you should destroy your paper counterpart after the 8th of June. I think I will be keeping mine for now as it is short notice it looks like some hire companies will still be accepting them. If in doubt its best to be safe than sorry. When we go on our family holiday to France this year with the children we will take our paper counterpart, photographic card and a code from the DVLA – just to be sure! It is also worth checking with your car hire company what information they require.

If you are looking for more information pop over the .gov website



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