The Holiday Tots Top Ten Toddler Travel Items for Summer 2014  

Here are our favourite toddler travel items for this summer. In no particular order…

  1. Snoozeshade

If you want protection from the sun and a nice dark environment to aid a longer sleep for lazy sunny days, the Snoozeshade is perfect., Brilliant for baby and toddler day naps when out and about.

Snooze Shade

Snooze Shade

  1. Konfidence – Neoprene Beach Boots

We tried these and love them! They are our must have item wherever we go, perfect for hot sand, pebbly beaches and general splashing and running fun in the hot or colder weather. Great also by the swimming pool as they stop slipping on the concrete or decking and also in the grass where little biting insects might lurk!


  1. Bebe au Lait nursing cover

If you have babe in arms this cover is indispensable! I used this with my youngest (wish I had had one with the older kids too). It was a godsend in busy places, not only for the discreetness of it but also it stopped him being too nosey to feed and was great on the beach or out and about (as it provides a fabulous sun shade too).

If its good enough for Gwen...

If its good enough for Gwen…

  1. Tot Seat

So we were at lunch at a friend’s house, they didn’t have a high chair but it didn’t matter because we had our Tot Seat – it folds small and can be used on just about every design of chair. So even though all of the holiday properties on Holiday Tots have high chairs we still would recommend taking along a Tot Seat for those lovely lunches over-looking the sea or in quaint villages.

Tot Seat - for babies who lunch!

Tot Seat – for babies who lunch!


5. Skip Hop Zoo Trolley Case

We love this trolley, it’s friendly and spacious, and ideal for overnight stays or for the plane or car. It is essentially a pull along trolley but has clever detachable shoulder straps so adults can carry hands-free. The front zip pocket is ideal for smaller more accessible items like snacks or fav books. It is 46cm high x 32cm wide x 16 cm deep. There are fun animal designs: we have the monkey as it goes with Freddie’s lunch box… The Skip Hop Trolley is so cool the little ones might actually want to pull them themselves, I know our little man never lets his go! You can buy them from Kidstravel2 or other reputable retailers

SH_ZooLuggage_PocketDetail_lo_ (1)6. First Aid Kit

I can’t make my mind up on this one so you have two choices!

Boots Pharmaceuticals St John Ambulance Travel First Aid Kit

Brilliant kit at a good price and you get your Boots points. Lots of goodies inside for basic accidents, cuts, grazes stings etc. A bit big for your handbag but good for the glove compartment or suitcase.

Boots Pharmaceuticals & St John Ambulance Travel First Aid Kit


Baby Aid

A lovely compact kit so small it can fit in your nappy bag or handbag. Included are the basics for cuts and grazes and burns and there are some Brave Little Star Stickers too! When I received mine to review (which will follow) I fell in love with its cuteness!

Baby Aid

Baby Aid

The Boots family travel first aid kit is probably best value for money at £11.99 but the BabyAidis just so sweet and compact (15cm x10cmx5cm) and the bag is good quality. It is priced at £16.00 – would be a fab present. Don’t forget to add your sachets of Calpol, you never know when you might need them…

7. Carddies

This is a brilliant and simple idea. Carddies are little card people to colour in and play. There are lots of sets to choose from. They are really good quality, made in the UK, and each set contains: card people, a card scene (all artwork drawn by hand), high quality colouring pencils and plastic stands for the little people and animals all housed in a neat little box. We use them regularly and you can read our review here

Carddies on the farm

Carddies on the farm

They cost £8.99 per pack visit their website for stockists

8. Music CD

A trip would not be complete without a little music, there are lots of children’s music CDs on the market we recently received a copy of Little Big Songs, a nice CD for young children and worth a listen, the songs are catchy and easy to relate to (review to follow) but still our firm favourite is ‘Singable Songs for the Very Young by Rafi’.We have listened to this on our travels (and at home) for the last four years and love it. The great thing about it is not only that the children enjoy it but it is one of those children’s CD’s that is easy on the ear to adults and we all sing-along….

Rafi songs for the very young

9. Stickytape and sticker books

Stickers, stickers and more stickers, they come in many shapes, sizes and books. We always take some along with us wherever we go but our real favourite is sticky tape, white masking tape is the best! We draw on it, stick to paper, toys, bags, books, cards, aeroplane seats and even each other. The fun never stops!

masking tape10. Note book and pen

Our little boy loves his note book and pen. It really is just a basic note book and biro. When we go out for dinner he doodles and now as he is getting older the doodles and writing are getting more legible! He’s on his third note book and it’s great to look back at the older ones. We play drawing guessing games too, the fun is endless and he has always thought he is important with his own biro!



We hope you get some inspiration from our Top 10 Travel items for toddlers – if you have anything you would like to share feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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