Yumbox review – the re-invention of the lunchbox? Your chance to win one too!



Pomme Green Yumbox Closed

When I found out about the Yumbox I was very excited. Freddie loves his houmous and various dips but we always have a problem with how to transport them. Generally we end up with lots of pots to wash up at the end of the day! So Yumbox promised to be the solution, so how did it fair?…

What’s the story of Yumbox?

Yumbox was the idea of two US mums hell bent on developing healthy eating habits (Maia Neumann and Daniele Devitt). UK mum Sarah Kerr found Yumbox in the US and now has launched distribution in the UK.

Cracker and ham rolls copy

What is Yumbox?

Yumbox is more than just a lunch/snack box: it is designed to guide you in providing a healthy and hassle free lunch. Each of its five sections are ½ a cup size providing the ideal space for key food groups: Fruit, vegetable, grains, protein and dairy. There is also a small well, ideal for a treat or dip.

Pomme Green Yumbox Open with Tray

It is lightweight and has a leak-proof single lid.

What we thought…

On first inspection Yumbox is solid and well made, it looks good too! It is easy to open and close, so ideal for little fingers (probably 3+ but I would have used it for my children when they were younger too and opened and closed it myself – not that it is hard to open just to reduce spillage!)

Each section is well proportioned and has a picture to guide you should you run out of ideas!

Yumbox Removable Illustrated Tray

We tested it out for a week and it faired really well…


Fabulous little snack/lunch box for the car, Freddie felt quite important with it and we didn’t have lots of pots lying around at the end of the day!

fred eating

Days out

We visited the Herts County Show and I had no problem popping the Yumbox into my bag, it is light and quite small.

At the allotment

We spend a few hours at a time at the allotment but Freddie always loves a little snack. We usually have to buy things that are individually wrapped or go with lots of different pots. Yumbox is excellent not only because of its size but the fact that there is no waste! Great for the environment too as I just top it up with bits from the fridge!

allotment yumbox


We joined a few friends at the indoor Skatepark – there was a special scooter session for three hours for young children and Freddie loved it! I took Yumbox as his snack box and I have never seen a product cause so much interest from every single mum. They all loved it and can’t wait to get their hands on one!


Yumbox is dishwasher safe, which is fab. I only have one very small niggle about the Yumbox and it is to do with cleaning. The underside of the inner tray has crevices that are hard to get dry and clean but that doesn’t deter from what a fabulous re-invention of the lunch box this is. (it’s better than washing up lots of pots and throwing away lots of bags!) I think we will be using our Yumbox for a very long time to come… This is always how it looks before the dishwasher empty! (this day the Yumbox was actually upside down for most of the day and you can see the Houmous went onto the lid but didn’t leak – fabulous!!!

yumbox empty


Win a Yumbox

We are delighted to have a fabulous green Yumbox available in our Holiday Tots competition  to enter and if you can’t wait…

Yumbox is now available in the UK priced at £24.95 from http://www.yumbox-uk.co.uk/shop/ in two colours with more coming soon…


I was sent a complementary Yumbox to review and my review is my honest opinion

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