Konfidence – Neoprene Beach Boots review – oh how we love them!!!

We travel a lot and love exploring and being outdoors. When Konfidence sent me their Neoprene Beach Boots I was sooooo excited! Freddie is pretty tough but he moans about his feet a lot when bare footed so we couldn’t wait to try them out!

Konfidence Beach toddler shoe

Konfidence Beach toddler shoe

Our first outing with them was really a massive hit, far beyond my wildest imagination! We went camping for two nights on the Lulworth Estate in Dorset and it rained most of the time, who’d have thought that these fab Konfidence boots would have been so useful!

When we arrived it was raining: setting up the tent meant that we all got wet feet and Freddie’s trainers seemed to attract so much water they didn’t dry until we returned home.

wet trainers

On our first outing we visited Weymouth, Freddie wore his wellies and went too far out to sea, which meant, yes you guessed it, wet wellies!

lulworth wellies

Our second outing was a 20 minute walk from the camp site to Durdle Door beach, the only shoes I had left for Freddie were the Konfidence Beach Boots (mummy failure – or was it?). These proved to be so fantastic that he wore them to the beach and kept them on while playing in the field when we returned to camp.

Freddie's feet kept warm...

Freddie’s feet kept warm…

They are robust with extra thick soles and fabulous toe protection they have a stretchy ankle opening and so perfect for little feet pulling on and off. It didn’t matter that his feet were wet as they kept warm and he didn’t moan once!

Freddie could even run on the large pebbles!

Freddie could even run on the large pebbles!

All in all these little boots are winners in my book, they are not only excellent for the beach – pebbles for comfort, and sand for heat – but also perfect for exploring and playing when camping as we found out!

These boots will go with us wherever we travel – Thank you Konfidence!

Konfidence text on these great little toddler beach boots…


Based on a windsurfing boot design, our funky beach boots offer full protection for toes, heels and soles of the feet in a robust moulded rubber with extra thick soles. The stretchy neoprene fabric with glue and blind-stitched sealed seam construction (the same seam technology used on high-end adult wetsuits ) provides perfectly flat, seamless interior for maximum comfort and warmth and means there’s no need for fiddly ties or toggles, they simply slip on and they’ll be ready to go exploring!

For more details visit their website directly – we think they are a bargain at £11.99 and they come up large so will last at least two years for Freddie.



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