Cheekychompers Neckerchew review

Uni-stripe Neckerchew

Uni-stripe Neckerchew

Two entrepreneurial mums from Scotland have invented what could be the answer to dribble, stains and sore teeth; the Neckerchew.

Uni-stripe Neckerchew

Uni-stripe Neckerchew

We were sent a Flutterby Neckerchew to review and here’s what first time mum Sian thought…

Flutterby design Neckerchew

Flutterby design Neckerchew


My little one is 15 weeks old and has started to teeth already, It started driving me insane making her wear a bib and changing it several times a day or rolling up her wet sleeves on her babygrow, so when I came across the Cheeky Chomper I was rather excited to try it out.

Flutterby back Neckerchew

Flutterby back Neckerchew

The idea of the Cheeky Chomper is to catch the dribble as well as giving them something to chew on the same time. There are similar ones on the market but what sets this apart from others is that it has a rubber part attached to it, giving the baby something to chomp on at the same time.

First impressions were that it had attractive packaging and there were a range of colours and fabric prints to choose from. Being a reversible product it’s like getting two for the price of one. But when I saw the price tag of £11.99 it did make my eyes water, quite expensive for a glorified teething ‘bib’ right? Wrong! I have to say I absolutely loved this product.

One the main reasons why I loved this product is because I found it super absorbent so she could wear it pretty much all day, it dried quickly,  it kept her entertained with something to munch on and she looked trendy in doing so. Call me lazy but she wore it two days on the trot, I just reversed it over and it looked clean, before I was going through 3-4 bibs day… Result! Less washing!

Alice sporting her Neckerchew

Alice sporting her Neckerchew

I did read a review which said that the dribble does make a stain on the fabric, which is true it does, obviously it comes out when washed, but the dried dribble was less noticeable on the patterned side of the fabric. I found that when it’s being sold it’s not wrapped a a protective packaging, I wished the rubber part had a protective wrapper around it so it saved me having to wash and clean, that way would have been more convenient in putting on my baby straight away.

Overall I found this to be a top quality product, well made, good quality, soft, & made renewable cotton fabric. The poppers made it easy to get on the baby which adjusts to the growth of the baby’s neck. Most importantly My baby was most definitely a cheeky chomper.

Review by Sian, mum to Alice.

Have you used a Cheekychomper Neckerchew? We would love to hear what you think…

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You can read more or purchase a CheekyChomper  Neckerchew by visiting their website CheekyChomper

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