Carddies Knight Set – an excellent children’s travel toy promoting imaginative play

So I have to hold my hands up!

Carddies family set

Carddies family set

We were given a pack of these little Carddies to review almost a year ago now: we used them, loved them, I started to write about them then things happened and I never published our review. This morning Freddie was rummaging through his travel box and spied them, ‘look mummy, remember these, do you remember when the dragon lost his colours and the Knight had to find them again?’ and yes I remember our story well! We then started to play with them again at the breakfast table. They are actually very wonderful – good old fashioned fun! So here is the review I wrote almost a year ago…

The Dragon who lost his colour!

The Dragon who lost his colour!

Every time we go away Freddie gets excited about packing his activity case. Our last trip was no exception. During the weeks building up to our trips we always gather items that could help our little chap at restricted times; in the car, plane or train. Our Carddies arrived a couple of days before our holiday and so it wasn’t too frustrating that he couldn’t start playing with them.

There are currently twelve sets from Ballet to Cavemen and Fairies to Football! We opted for the Knights Set. The first thing that struck me was the quality of the colouring pencils. All too often I find that when you buy any sort of colouring activity the pens, pencils or crayons are quite often of bad quality meaning you have to use an alternative but the pencils included in Carddies were wonderful to use. They colour the excellent quality card with ease.

We all got involved with the colouring and Freddie loved naming the characters. We didn’t get to colour them all on this trip as we stopped to play with them for a while. In our play our dragon (who has lots of colours on one side and none on the other) lost his colours and the Knights had to find them again.

Yay, the knights have found the dragons colour again!

Yay, the knights have found the dragons colour again!

At first I was a little sceptical about the price tag of £8.99 but the quality of the pencils, card and hand-drawn characters, who come with plastic stands, mean that these little characters and back drops will last trip after trip.

Freddie had just turned four when we first played with the Carddie Knights and he will be five in April and still loves them. They are aimed at children between three and ten years although we think that toddlers will love to watch scenes acted out too, as long as you keep the small bits away from them!

We think these are great little sets all housed in a handy box. With a little imagination they provide a perfect distraction for journeys, raining days and eating out etc. Keep one in your bag!

carddies (1)

Carddies are little card people to colour in and play. There are lots of sets to choose from and each set contains: card people, a card scene (all artwork drawn by hand), high quality colouring pencils and plastic stands for the little people and animals. They all come in a neat little box and made in the UK. They cost £8.99 per pack and you can read more about them and find stockists on their website

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